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      According to the topic “TMEN508-4: Monitoring and evaluation of insect vector” that you have learned, Could you please give some examples of vector capacity (VC) for Anopheles mosquito with references? (10 marks)

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      From previous reports (
      “During the monsoon malaria-transmission season of 1978, infrequent feeding on humans coupled with reduced anopheline life expectancy contributed to low estimates of the malaria vectorial capacity for Anopheles culicifacie and Anopheles stephensi

      Vectorial capacity calculation

      VC = ma^(2)p^(n)/-In(p) —Equation of vectorial capacity
      VC = (HB*a)(e^(-n/E)E) —Applied equation from this report
      HB(t); the human biting rate in females per human per night.
      a; anthropophagic index
      n; duration of gonotrophic cycle in days
      E; Life expectancy

      Ex. Estimated vectorial capacity for P.vivax and P.falciparum of An.culicifacies in December.
      for P.v.
      VC = (HB*a)(e^(-n/E)E)
      ; from data table HB=0.102, a=0.022, n=27.42, E=5.40
      VC = (HB*a)(e^(-n/E)E)
      = (0.102)*(0.022)*(e^(-27.42/5.40))*(5.40)
      = 0.000075538 = 7.55*10^(-5)
      for P.f.
      VC = (HB*a)(e^(-n/E)E)
      ; from data table n=47.64
      VC = (HB*a)(e^(-n/E)E)
      = (0.102)*(0.022)*(e^(-47.64/5.40))*(5.40)
      = 0.000075538 = 1.79*10^(-6)

      Ex. Estimated vectorial capacity for P.vivax and P.falciparum of An.stephensi
      for P.v. in December.
      VC = (HB*a)(e^(-n/E)E)
      ; from data table HB=0.135, a=0.016, n=27.42, E=3.75
      VC = (HB*a)(e^(-n/E)E)
      = (0.135)*(0.016)*(e^(-27.42/3.75))*(3.75)
      = 5.41*10^(-6)
      for P.f.
      VC = (HB*a)(e^(-n/E)E)
      = (0.135)*(0.016)*(e^(-47.64/3.75))*(3.75)
      = 2.46*10^(-8)

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      Thank you for your answer.

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